Monday, April 9, 2012

Exploring Through Literacy

                Children can explore ideas that are important to them while learning about literacy. Other subjects should be explored during reading and writing activities. When children are exploring something they are interested in they will be engaged in learning. It is important for the teacher to create these types of engaging opportunities for children. If children are exploring the world around them it allows for more meaningful learning experiences. Children need to be able to learn from one another, from their environment, and from experience. When children are learning about things that are relevant to their lives they are taking away meaning.

Children should be reading books and writing about things that they are learning about and exploring. When children have experiences themselves it will inspire them to write more on their own. When children read books that connect to personal experiences it makes the book more interesting. The children in your classroom can help create your themes or lesson ideas. Teachers should pay attention to the interests and needs of their students. Teachers can work hard to find meaningful books that connect to topics children are interested in learning about. Hands on activities can also be created to connect literacy to a personal experience. Literacy can go beyond reading a story and filling out a worksheet. Children will go beyond your expectations when you can make literacy connect to exploration.  

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