Monday, March 26, 2012

Shared Reading

                  Shared reading is an important activity you can do in your classroom. During this time the teacher is sharing this reading experience with the children. One of the things children can do during this time is to make predictions. They can make predictions based off of the cover of the book, the pictures, and the text. During this shared reading time child may read along with the teacher. There are so many interactions that can take place during this time. Children are learning while being engaged, when the teacher presents a shared reading. Big books are great for shared reading experiences.

                When shared reading time is presented correctly children have the chance to be creative and interact with literacy in a new way. These experiences can be very meaningful and teach different concepts, depending on how the teacher approaches it. Different activities can follow a shared reading that makes this experience even more meaningful. During shared reading time teachers can ask questions that inspire deeper thoughts. Teachers should be familiar with the book they use during shared reading. Being prepared will allow the teacher to ask more meaningful questions. Shared reading is a valuable experience that children can enjoy and learn from.  

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