Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Literacy Activities for Parents

Creating different literacy activities that parents can use at home with their children is a great way teachers can encourage parent involvement. By allowing parents to bring home books, activities, and materials children can continue their lessons at home.  These activities should be fun, easily understood, and meaningful. The materials should be kept in something that is easily transferred from school to home and back. Teachers can use plastic holders, bags, or boxes. The materials should not be too costly, just in case something happens when a parent takes them home. Using these ideas you can create literacy take home packets. Each packet can have a separate theme such as: colors, numbers, animals, and so many more great ideas. Different art materials may go into the packet to create activities for different themes. Crayons and paint can be used to explore colors for an activity, in the color take home literacy packet. Materials can also be hand made by the teacher depending on the activity. There should be different books representing the theme of the packet. This gives parents the opportunity to read new stories to their children. So your take home literacy pack should have different activities based on the theme of the packet, the materials needed for the activities, books related to the theme, and something nice to hold everything together. 

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  1. Creating the literacy packets to be relevant to the current curriculum, discussions, or emergent child interests is so important. Extending the topics into the home open the door for continued conversation, deeper inquiry, and the possibility for further interests. Allowing for parents to know what the children are studying through the literacy packets is a creative way to involve the parents, not just inform them. Literacy packets provide a versatile use, and I love the suggestion.

    Ps. Great example with the animals. That would be a perfect addition to an animal literacy packet!

  2. The animal example is so cute! I like the idea of sending home puppets (or materials to create puppets) or fingerplay gloves because I think they really help children connect to a text. And, any type of literacy packet gives families great ideas for home literacy.

  3. Having literacy packets will help the parents learn and know about more children's books and as they read books to their child, the parants can interact with the child in many ways. It is a really good activity I think.